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Date: Monday 19 May 2008
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Dear Colleague,

We would like to draw your attention to a GSA Topical Session that may  
interest you.  The session, T47. Sclerochronological Archives from  
Rivers to the Sea: Documentation, Interpretation, and Utility, was  
conceived to highlight new sclerochronological research from  
freshwater, estuarine, and marine systems, by focusing on elemental,  
isotopic, and structural data preserved in the calcareous skeletons of  
bivalves, gastropods, corals, sponges, etc.  The abstract deadline is  
fast approaching (June 3!) and we hope that you will consider  
submitting an abstract to what is likely to be a stimulating and  
informative session.  If you have any questions please feel free to  
contact us.

David Goodwin (Denison University)
David Gillikin (Vassar College)
David Kesler (Rhodes College)

SESSION RATIONALE: High-resolution elemental, isotopic, and structural  
data preserved in the calcareous skeletons of organisms are important  
proxies of environmental, ecological, and physiological conditions  
from the Paleozoic to modern day. However, many of these proxies still  
need to be validated and/or calibrated before they can be utilized. To  
date, most studies have focused on biological carbonates from marine  
ecosystems.  However, a small, but growing number of diverse  
scientists are turning their attention to freshwater and estuarine  
systems.  Therefore, this session is designed to highlight the  
emerging fields of freshwater and estuarine sclerochronology. The  
objective of this timely and multidisciplinary topical session is to  
convene paleontologists, geochemists, and biologists to present recent  
findings on the nature, interpretation, and utility of such bioarchives.

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