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Sat Aug 15 17:45:37 UTC 2009

Dear All

Available immediately, a Post Doctoral Researcher/Research Associate  
position in fossil arthropods is available for a maximum of 18 months  
at the department of Geology, University of Kansas. This position is  
available following the success of Vincent Perrichot in his  
appointment at the University of Rennes.

The University of Kansas is home to the Biodiversity Institute, which  
includes the Natural History Museum (departments include Invertebrate  
Paleontology, Vertebrate Paleontology, and Entomology), and the  
Paleontological Institute, publishers of the Treatise on Invertebrate  
Paleontology and Paleontological Contributions. Paleontologists and  
arthropod workers can also be found in the Departments of Geology and  
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

The Department of Geology is extremely well equipped and the  
paleontology laboratories have many new microscope, photographic and  
preparation facilities installed in the last two years. We are  
especially well equipped for work on amber specimens. The University  
of Kansas also has a Microscopy & Analytical Imaging Laboratory with a  
range of SEM, TEM, confocal and other imaging systems.

The position is open to any areas of arthropod paleobiology.  
University of Kansas arthropod paleobiology is particularly renowned  
for work on fossil Chelicerata (especially spiders) and Myriapoda,  
insects, trilobites and other Paleozoic arthropods, and trace fossils.  
The departments mentioned above include faculty with major research  
groups in phylogenetics, biogeography, bioinformatics, and so on.

Application should be made as soon as possible (closing date early  
September) through the University of Kansas job web site ( 
) and search for position number 00067284.

Please email me for further information, and pass this on to anyone  
who might be interested. thank you.

Paul Selden
Director of the Paleontological Institute
Gulf-Hedberg Distinguished Professor of Invertebrate Paleontology,  
Department of Geology
University of Kansas
Lindley Hall, 1475 Jayhawk Boulevard, Lawrence, KS 66045, USA

Email: selden at
Phone (785) 864-2751 Lab (785) 864-9049 iPhone (785) 393-5625
Paleontological Institute web site:

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