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Tue Aug 18 16:28:40 UTC 2009

Dear Colleagues,

      We are all much indebted to Arnie Miller and his colleagues at  
the University of Cincinnati for the terrific job they did in  
organizing the 9th North American Paleontological Convention, in June  
of this year.   The conference offered a rich and varied program, and  
it was very well attended.  We are most grateful to Arnie and his  
colleagues for all that they did so well, putting on such a  
successful meeting.

      Now, believe it of not, it is time to begin planning the 10th  
North American Paleontological Convention, which will be held during  
the summer of 2013.  Two or three possible venues have been  
suggested, but no firm plans have yet been made.  So, this message  
constitutes a request for proposals and/or suggested sites for NAPC  

      Please send your proposals and/or suggestions to me by email  
(or in any other way) at my address, below.  We plan to review these  
proposals at a meeting of the Association of North American  
Paleontological Societies (ANAPS), which exists primarily for this  
purpose, at the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America,  
in Portland, Oregon, on Sunday, October 18, 2009.

      Kind regards,    Roger Thomas

Roger D. K. Thomas
John Williamson Nevin Professor of Geosciences
Chair, Department of Earth and Environment
Secretary, The Paleontological Society
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Franklin & Marshall College
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