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Thu Aug 20 03:29:21 UTC 2009

The  above links to my eBay listing of a complete set of 13 Life magazines 
featuring  the World We Live In series, perhaps the finest series of natural 
history  articles ever published in a strictly popular magazine. Condition 
is average  used; you'll likely not upgrade your own copies if you already 
have a set. So I  kept the opening bid nice and low. Part V reproduces 
Zallinger's Yale Peabody  Museum dinosaur mural, or rather, Zallinger's meticulous 
mockup he painted  before he actually painted the mural. Likewise Part VI 
for the mammals mural  (which underwent extensive changes from the picture 
that Life published). A neat  souvenir/relic of a time when the general public 
seemed to be much more  interested in the natural sciences than it is today.
If you have just the collected hardcover book version of this series,  
you're missing a couple of paintings and some minor diagrams and illustrations.  
It's always best to have the original publications when  possible.

If the above link doesn't work for you, simply go to eBay  and search for 
"DGLib 300" (not just "DGLib"; that way you'll bypass all the  comic books 
and space magazines I'm currently offering under my DGLib headers). 

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