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Thu Aug 27 22:03:03 UTC 2009

Hi Rowan

You will forgive me if I am a bit testy here, but I recently tore up most of the ligaments in one shoulder and it makes me testy till time for surgery.

So explain this to me - first you cancel my session, and then you put my paper on the last time of the last day.  You and I both know that I would be speaking to an empty room.  And unfortunately, I had already committed to being host of a big budget television special about Gondwanaland past and future, with my first filming on Maui, and then for about a month thereafter.  I told them that I would be no later than oct 20 (although they wanted earlier). That said, I would like to withdraw my abstract.

Professor Peter D Ward
Dept of Biology
The University of Washington
Seattle, 98195
206-543-2962  ( Office )

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