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Sun May 3 12:55:47 UTC 2009

Dear Palaeonetters


This is an open letter to anyone in the Palaeontology community who is in need of illustrated Dinosaur (and to a lesser extent other prehistoric life) reconstructions. 

I'm a qualified Scientific and Natural History Illustrator with a good knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, and I would particularly relish the chance to illustrate specimens which have as yet not been visualised or illustrate a particularly fresh concept. 

     I have had published work, multiple commissions and come highly praised by a prominent professor. Fees will vary according to the size of the image(for example; and A4 illustration is approx. £40) and I will also do drafts for much cheaper as a way of exploring what a certain animal or animal's would have looked like a a useful imaginative aid to study.

If you'd like to see examples of my work, just go to and then to 'Artist's 

Websites' where I'm in the B section.

Many thanks all,


Ben Jones, BA Hons 


Specialist in; 



Contact Email; jonesbendavid at

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