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Paleontological Research Institution is proud to announce publication of
a new issue in Bulletins of American Paleontology.

Neogene Paleontology of the Northern Dominican Republic. 23. Strombid
Gastropods (Genera Strombus and Lobatus; Mollusca: Gastropoda:
Strombidae) of the Cibao Valley, by James Robert Freiheit and Dana H.
Geary, Bulletins of American Paleontology no. 376 (56 pp., 9 pls., ISBN
978-0-87710-486-5, softcover), US $40.00, available after 5 May 2009.
Abstract. Gastropods of the family Strombidae are well-known and
important constituents of modern tropical marine communities. The
biology of several modern species has been thoroughly investigated due
to their economic value as a human food resource. Unlike many
gastropods, strombids undergo pseudo-determinate growth; they therefore
present intriguing possibilities for investigation of size-related
patterns of change. Unfortunately, they also display a wide degree of
intraspecific morphologic variation, making reliable determination of
species identity difficult. In this paper, we examine members of this
family from the late Miocene and early Pliocene deposits of the Cibao
Valley, located in the northwestern portion of the Dominican Republic on
the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. After brief descriptions of the
general geologic setting of the Cibao Valley and the biology of modern
strombids, we delineate the observed geographic and stratigraphic ranges
for species of Strombus and Lobatus in the Cibao Valley. At least 11
species of strombids have been reported from the Dominican Republic.
Based on the high degree of intraspecific morphologic variation common
in these genera and upon examination of individual specimens, we
synonomize several older names and recognize only five species in two
genera from the Cibao sequence: S. bifrons, S. proximus, L. haitensis,
L. galliformis, and L. dominator. We describe some aspects of strombid
paleoecology and summarize spatiotemporal patterns of distribution.
Differences exist between modern strombid populations and our
collections of Miocene Dominican ones; strombids of the Cibao Valley are
in general smaller and appear to have occupied somewhat different
habitats than those of their modern relatives.

Publication is imminent and we are now accepting pre-publication orders.
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