Paleonet: 13th RCMNS Congress 2009 - Napoli (Italy) - 2-6 September 2009 CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - Basinal and Shallow water carbonates

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*13th Congress RCMNS (Regional Committee on Mediterranean Neogene 
Stratigraphy), Naples (Italy), 2-6 September 2009*
Dear colleagues,
We would like to draw your attention to the RCMNS session on Basinal and 
Shallow water carbonates, which Lucia Simone, Maria Mutti and Mathias 
Harzhauser are hosting during the RCMNS Meeting in Naples, Italy (2 -6 
September 2009):
The deadline of abstract submission is *May 30^th 2009.*

*T2 Depositional environments:  *Basinal and Shallow water carbonates**

convenors: /Lucia Simone /(/lusimone at <mailto:lusimone at> - Napoli University), Maria Mutti /(/mmutti at <mailto:mmutti at> - Potsdam University), Mathias Harzhauser (mathias.harzhauser at NHM-WIEN.AC.AT <mailto:mathias.harzhauser at NHM-WIEN.AC.AT> - Natural History Museum Vienna)/

Neogene marine carbonates are excellent climate sensors and have been 
proven to reflect even minor changes in past hydrodynamic regimes. 
Moreover, they present important tie points for sequence stratigraphy. 
Their potential ranges from millions of years in respect to the onset 
and demise of large platforms and general carbonate budgets down to 
seasonal fluctuations as reflected in coral growth.
For the proposed session we expect contributions focusing on Neogene 
carbonate systems in respect to global and/or regional climate, 
oceanography and stratigraphy rather than contributions presenting only 
single outcrops.
In case of interest, please send the abstract to RCMNS Secretary 
Fabrizio Lirer (fabrizio.lirer at 
<mailto:fabrizio.lirer at>) before the May 30, 2009.

With our best regards,
Lucia Simone, Maria Mutti and Mathias Harzhauser

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