Paleonet: Trilobite authorities questions

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Also, try, which gives author, date, & hierarchy for 
many taxa.

Paleonet: Trilobite authorities questions

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Can someone help me with trilobite authorities and names?  I'm okay with 
extant plants, it seems, but fossil animals are a bit trying. 

I'm looking at an assortment of trilobites on the SEM and have a handful 
of trilobite taxonomy questions  concerning authorities and names and was 
hoping there would be useful answers from Paleonetters--maybe answer off 
list, unless there's some current interesting debate about a particular 

Is there a specific resource for finding zoological authorities and dates 
for fossils--there is an on-line paleontology data base but it is not set 
up to give authorities like IPNI an Algae Base, the ones I'm used to 

1.  Should I use Redlichiida as the order or Ollenelida (for Olenellus and 

2.  Which name is correct, Esmeraldina rowei/Holmia rowei?  Author and 

3.  Peronopsis interstricta - author and date?

4.  Ogyginus cordenis - author and date?

5.  Phacops crassituberculata or Phacops rana crassituberculata?  Author 
and date?

6.  Coronocephalus jastrowi - Author and date?

7.  Ceraurus pleurexanthemus - Author and date?

All of these are fairly common trilobites, except maybe the last, as I've 
looked at it from only one locality, although the authority and date are 
probably in my Walcott Rust Quarry references for that one.  I thought the 
authorities would be easy to find.

Also, I have a small handful of Utah trilobites (Cambrian) without any 
genus attached to them.  They are common as dirt, as I've seen them all of 
my life.  Can anyone identify the genus from an image?  I don't think I 
can send an attachment via Paleonet, so I haven't, but I will send a file 
to anyone who can help.  I promise if you know North American Cambrian 
trilobites I will be asking you the equivalent of identifying a daisy, and 
I only need the information at that level. 

Thanks for any help, Kleo

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