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No, these stromatolites aren't so old. Must be dated to Mesozoic (Cretaceous).
I've discussed with a Bolivian geologist some time ago about these fossil algal 
colonies coming from the Cochabamba region, and he said that there aren't 
outcrops dated to Precambrian in this Bolivian region. 

At my knowledge there aren't paper describing these stromatolites, but if you 
find official papers I'm interested to have a copy.


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Dear colleagues,

there is this well-known stromatolite from Bolivia:
which is said to be of Proterozoic age (2.3 billion years).

Does anybody know, if this age is correct? I remember that there are some doubts 
about this, but I am not sure!
And: is there any publication about this occurrence?

Thank you in advance and many greetings,

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