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Dear Colleague,

I am writing to draw your attention to the session PP15: Reconciling Models of Hyperthermal Events in Earth History at the AGU fall meeting this December.

We hope that this session will explore and challenge our current conceptual models of these events including their underlying causes and the climatic, biotic and geochemical responses of the Earth system. Contributions based on both geological data and climate/carbon cycling modelling are welcome. We are particularly keen to promote discussion of these events between the Mesozoic and Paleogene research communities. 

Please consider submitting an abstract to this session and forward this message to colleagues or students who may be interested in attending. If you have any questions please email me or any of the convenors. Abstract submission deadline 2 September 2010.

PP15:           Reconciling Models of Hyperthermal Events in Earth History
Sponsor:      Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology

Description:    Hyperthermal climate events are characterised by transient negative carbon isotope excursions, indicating abrupt massive release of 13C-depleted carbon into the ocean-atmosphere system. These geologically rapid events, prominent in the Mesozoic-Paleogene greenhouse world, pose critical tests for our understanding of coupled climate-carbon cycle perturbations. We invite contributions based on modelling and/or the geological record that provide new constraints on or conceptual models of: magnitude/nature of carbon sources; triggering mechanisms; role of methane reservoirs; shape/magnitude of carbon isotope excursions; response of the climate system; carbon cycle recovery; ocean chemistry perturbations; and associated biotic change.

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