Paleonet: AGU Special Session: Paleoecology of Climate Change in Pre-Neogene Continental Environments

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Fri Aug 13 06:49:27 GMT 2010

This just in.

Dear colleagues,

Jessica Whiteside and I are convening a special session at the AGU fall
meeting in San Francisco (Dec. 13-17) entitled "Paleoecology of Climate
Change in Pre-Neogene Continental Environments."  The goal of this session
is to synthesize recent research examining high-resolution integrated
records of biotic and environmental change in deep time in both freshwater
and terrestrial environments.  A longer description is copied below.

Jessica and I encourage you to submit an abstract to our session - AGU
abstracts are due September 2nd.  The abstract submission website is here:

and the AGU abstract guidelines can be found here:

Please forward this announcement to any interested colleagues.

Jessica Whiteside
Randall Irmis

Session Description: High resolution climate proxy and fossil records have
opened a new window into how terrestrial and freshwater biotas responded to
climate change in the geological record prior to 20 million years ago. This
session will explore how these climate and paleoecological records, in
concert with refined geochronological control, have revised our
understanding of major paleoenvironmental changes during the Phanerozoic,
including mass extinctions, hothouse/icehouse worlds, and bolide impacts.
The goal of this session is to present novel high resolution records from
different spatial and temporal scales that address how continental biotas
responded to major climate events in Earth history prior to the Neogene.


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