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Dear Roger Thomas,

I just wanted to let you know that for future announcements concerning IPA,
you can list the web site URL simply as . There is no
need for the suffix of index1.html, index2.html, or index3.html. The three
index pages simply alternate from day to day so as to display a different
photo collage in the center of the main page.

If you have any questions about the IPA site please feel free to let me
know. I hope the donations come pouring in.

Mike Cormack
Michael Cormack
Web Developer
International Palaeontological Association
ipa at

On 8/24/10 9:34 AM, "Roger Thomas" <roger.thomas at> wrote:

> Dear Palaeontologist,
>      We would like to introduce the International Palaeontological
> Association, especially if you are not familiar with IPA. This body was
> founded in 1933, with the aim Œto promote and coordinate international
> cooperation in palaeontology.¹ The most prominent activity of the IPA is its
> sponsorship of the four-yearly International Palaeontological Congress.  The
> third congress was held recently in London. IPC3 attracted 800 delegates.  In
> addition to facilitating lively exchange among palaeontologists, this meeting
> had a big impact on cognate disciplines such as biodiversity, evo-devo,
> molecular phylogeny, and evolutionary biology in general.  The two prior
> congresses were held in Sydney and Beijing.
>      Despite the success of these meetings and its grand title, the IPA is not
> widely known, despite the fact that it represents our discipline globally.
> IPA participates in IUGS, IUBS, and UNESCO. With more support and active
> participation by individual members, IPA can do more for palaeontology. We
> encourage all palaeontologists to consider joining IPA.
>      The IPA does a great deal of lobbying and supporting Œbehind the scenes¹.
> Because of its title, the IPA can help palaeontologists in any country who
> have a case to make for conservation of a site, care for a museum collection,
> or some other core issue that affects our profession. IPA has been able to
> provide some limited financial help for students to attend IPC meetings. Now,
> the IPA committee would like to build this activity much further, offering
> bursaries and prizes for promising young palaeontologists from around the
> world.
>      If you feel these are worthwhile proposals, we would like to welcome you
> as a subscribing member of the IPA.  It costs just $5 per year, and you can
> pay readily online ­ go to our web site at
> and hit the donate button. Complete the blue box at the top first, indicating
> whether you wish to pay for one year, or several.
>      We look forward to welcoming you to IPC4 in 2014.  The search for a
> suitable site is already underway. We will distribute information nearer the
> time.
>       Best wishes,
> Michael J. Benton
>                         President, International Paleontological Association
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