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Dear Paleonetters

I'm trying to solve a problem linked to the exact origin of the structures that 
are sold as "stromatolites" coming from Morocco, and that we can find frequently 
sold on Internet (e.g. on ebay). Here is a typical example:

Following some collectors, these structures aren't stromatolites but azoic 
concretions not linked to algal activities, and called "kerkoubs" in local 
language (but witch origin?).
Searching on the net I've found this bibliography that can be interesting:

Cailleux, A., Soleilhavoup, F., (1976). Les kerkoubs, concrétions  calcareuses 
du Sud - Algérien. Géologie Méditerranéenne, III (4),  251-264.
Lavocat, R., (1954). Reconnaissance géologique dans les  Hammadas des confins 
algéro-marocains du Sud. Notes et Mémoires du  Service Géologique du Maroc 116. 
147 p.

I'm wondering if someone of the paleonetters has the possibility to recover the 
digital version of these papers, or better (much better) if I can receive a 
definitive answer about these structures.

Thank you very much at all for the help.


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