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​Dear Reader,
please consider to contribute to the non-commerical Foraminifera.Eu Project with
its unique foraminiferal database and query options.
At the ""-Project offers a
database with so far 2100+  foraminiferal datasets consisting of an image and
accompanying data-values. The data-values are grouped into 17 criteria:
taxonomical: Class, Subclass, Order, Family, Genus, Species
descriptive: test-material, test-form
distributive (limited to sampling localities):  Ocean / Continent(fossil), area,
country, locality 
stratigrafical: System Period, Series Epoch, Formation
faunal: benthic/planktonic - this criteria-group is under construction
organisational: collection of
The query allows to search on any criteria or combination and results in a
plate-like presentation.
E.g. the combination of Arctic Ocean, benthic, calcareous will result in this
The system is run by me as an EDP-professional and hobby-foraminiferologist. A
group of 60+ contributors ranging from senior scientists to naturalists supports
the project (see Sample processing and SEM
is done with the help of the Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein Hamburg. Due to its
unique search-options the page is visited on average 80x daily.
Please join in with your expertise and data, you may want to share publically.
We will enlarge the database on criteria you are able to provide such as on
fauna, microhabitat, storage place in your collection or whatever data you have.
Criteria do not neccesarily need to be applicable to all datasets, about 20 more
criteria are in the database but not yet open for the whole public.
Please come forward with your questions by email or meet me in Bonn at
Forams2010 5.-7. of Sept. 2010 at Poster 51. The project is strictly
non-commercial and driven by naturalist enthusiasm.
Michael Hesemann
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