Paleonet: List of journals for paleontological research

Mike Everhart mike at
Sun Jul 10 14:51:33 UTC 2011


Thanks for the journal listing... It's good to see them all in one place.

As co-editor of the Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science, I 
would suggest you consider including a link to it as a multidisiplinary 
journal at some point...

The TKAS has been around since 1872... Published twice a year, our 
papers are peer-reviewed.... and available on Bio-One... JSTOR has them 
all the way back to 1872.

Although our "impact factor" is certainly low compared to the major 
journals, we have been accepting quite a few paleontology papers (mostly 
Midwestern United States). It is certainly a good place for students to 
get a first paper reviewed and published.



Mike Everhart
Transactions Co-editor
Kansas Academy of Science

Adjunct Curator of Paleontology
Sternberg Museum of Natural History
Fort Hays State University, Hays, KS

> Dear colleagues,
> I made a list of journals where paleontological research can be 
> published, which might be of use to you. The journals can be ranked by 
> discipline, impact factor, country, open or restricted access. It can 
> be viewed on the following website:
> If you are aware of other journals to list here or have additional 
> comments/suggestions, please let me know! Please respond to my e-mail 
> address not to "spam" the paleonet list. I only want to include 
> peer-reviewed journals, especially the ones with an impact factors. 
> Some multidisciplinary science journals, which occasionally future 
> paleontological articles, are listed for comparison. At the moment i 
> only make the different between open (access for everybody) and 
> restricted (all others).
> With best regards,
> Kenneth De Baets

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