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Wed Jun 1 23:32:29 UTC 2011

Hi All,

	As many of you probably know, late last month we lost one of 
our greats, Bill Berry.  Serving as a  Professor of Earth and 
Planetary Science at UC Berkeley, he died on Friday, May 20, 2011, of 
cancer and related complications.  An obituary is now posted on the 
UCMP www site:

	No service is planned.  However, at the request of his family 
a memorial fund will be established in Bill's name to acknowledge his 
53-year-contribution to paleontology and the University of 
California, Berkeley.  The fund will support graduate research in 
invertebrate paleontology.   Details are referenced at the close of 
the obituary.  Please share the obituary with others who knew and 
worked with Bill.

Yours sincerely,
Charles Marshall

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