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PhD Position beginning August 2011: Antarctic Peninsula Holocene climate

Project Overview

The PhD research is part of the interdisciplinary and international
investigation of the LARsen Ice Shelf System, Antarctica (LARISSA) funded by
the National Science Foundation.  The major goal of LARISSA is to provide an
integrated science approach to address the impact of climate change on the
cryo-, bio-, hydro- and geospheres.  For additional information on LARISSA

PhD Undertaking

The PhD candidate will use foraminiferal data collected from a variety of
sediment samples from the Antarctic Peninsula margin to interpret and
reconstruct the Holocene paleoenvironmental/paleoceanographic record.  The
candidate will have the flexibility to focus their research on their
specific interest within the purview of foraminiferal research.  The
candidate will have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with
phytoplankton and benthic ecologists, oceanographers, ice core
paleoclimatologists, marine geologists and geochemists.  The student project
will be carried out at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Carbondale,
IL USA in the Department of Geology (


The PhD position will be funded by NSF and Departmental funds, and is
contingent upon finding an appropriate candidate.


The candidate will have a MS degree preferably in the Geosciences with an
emphasis in Marine Micropaleontology, Paleontology, Marine Geology,
Quaternary Geology or Geochemistry.  Consideration will also be given to
applicants with strong backgrounds in Marine Ecology/Biology that may
require additional coursework.  Demonstrable writing and speaking
proficiency in English is required with laboratory and sea-going experience


Please e-mail a statement of intent with your contact information by April
1, 2011 to:

Dr. Scott Ishman

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Department of Geology

E-mail: sishman at

You will be contacted with further application information following receipt
of your statement of intent.

Scott Ishman, Professor
Department of Geology and Center for Ecology
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Carbondale, IL 62901
sishman at
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