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Use a blue filter


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> Dear all
> I'm searching for a method that allow to acquire images with a 
> digital camera (Fujifilm filmpix S2Pro) that can emulate the old 
> Orthochromatic films.
> Orthochromatic films block the red wavelength and are sensitive 
> to blue and green only, giving a great contrast when red colors 
> are present in the image. 
> These films are used in Xiangguang & Bergström  (1997), 
> Arthropods of the Lower Cambrian Chengjiang fauna, southwest 
> China, in Fossils & Strata n°45, to improve the contrast of some 
> lower Cambrian Chengjiang arthropods.
> This methods don't need the immersion of the sample in Toluene 
> or Xylene alcohols, and it is very useful when the matrix (and 
> this is the case) is soft, like marls and clays.
> Chengjiang fossils are generally covered by a thin Iron oxide 
> layer, and this technique allow to increase the contrast between 
> the gray-yellow matrix and the reddish fossil.
> Looking at some filters that have the same spectral  behavior, 
> I've found that the cyan Kodak Wratten gelatine filters 44 and 
> 44A ( and 
> for the transmittance curve) are able to give the nearly same result of the old and practically unavailable orthochromatic films. 
> There is someone that has developed similar techniques and 
> digital image processing methods to increase the contrast using 
> peculiar filters?
> Thank you,
> Enrico Bonino
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