Paleonet: An Open Letter in Support of Digital Data Archiving

Ross Mounce rcpm20 at
Mon Mar 28 09:19:34 GMT 2011

Many thanks for your endorsement Jere.

Great to hear too from Roy that PalSoc is adopting Dryad-based

Given the number of PalAss (UK) members, myself included, that have
signed the Open Letter, I'm rather hoping that the editorial policy of
their journal 'Palaeontology' will institute some changes soon too.

Likewise for my own particular concern (phylogenetic data), I'd really
like to see the Journal of Systematic Palaeontology make all its
phylogenetic analyses available in a *usable* form via suitable
repositories such as MorphoBank, TreeBASE or Dryad.

For fairness any change to editorial policy can only affect articles
that are submitted *after* the change is published, thus change needs to
come ASAP because we won't even 'see' the benefits for a fair while
(6-12 months!) after it is instituted.

Finally, we note amongst the 130+ signatories so far, from a
cosmopolitan range of institutes, we haven't seen many (any?) from the
AMNH. Please do let us know what you think:


Ross Mounce

On Sun, 2011-03-27 at 11:27 -0500, Roy Plotnick wrote:
> FYI, at its recent meeting, the Paleontological Society Council voted
> to adopt  data archiving for its journals using Dryad. For the moment,
> the costs will be borne by the Society.  Details will be announced
> later when a formal agreement is signed.  - Roy
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