Paleonet: A reply to an Open Letter in Support of Digital Data Archiving

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Mon Mar 28 17:12:58 GMT 2011



I’m afraid
that rather than choosing to answer any of my points substantively and move the debate forward you have
just quoted me out of context on numerous occasions. I suggest that now we wait for the opinions
of others to come forward rather than us getting in to a quibble via
email. This is why we invited you to come and discuss this with us at Bristol....
so that we can move this entirely sensible project forward but in a way that is constructive rather than combative.   


I would
like to also fully endorse the points made by Lucy Muir and Joe Botting, in
particular that many of the powers demanded by the open letter already reside
with editors and that there is no obvious case for handcuffing their
professional judgement in this matter which by necessity will be subtle and
case appropriate.   







Jonathan Antcliffe 

Commission Research Fellow

of Earth Sciences

of Bristol

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