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Future not bleak, but challenging.  Thanks for the clarification, 
Brooks.  [forwarded o PaleoNet with Brook's permission}

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Hi jere

thanks for forwarding; we've been following this thread a bit.  coincidentally, I spent today at a national science board workshop at NSF on data archiving, so I think funding agencies are also concerned about these  issues; other funding agencies were also in attendance.  It is certainly the case that several prominent databases have lost funding or are struggling (the example I gave at berkeley was the arabidopsis database in plant science, which had NSF funding, but is now on it's own and a bit desperate).  But I would say that this issue is a major challenge, rather than is bleak (or at least I hope it is not).   I think community efforts will be important, at the very least journals notice community efforts.

Brooks Hanson

 From my previous post:
>...Much of this is about Science's new effort, but the last
>  statement refers to the problem that I noted  but which Brooks now
>  writes as "badly needed".   In his seminar, he added that funding to fix
>  this need was very uncertain and that some existing data repositories
>  were in financial distress already.  I interpreted this as a "bleak
>  future" [Brooks may not have used that phrase, I don't remember, but
>  that was my view after listening to him.]  This is a major problem.  I
>  cc him on this in case he might clarify any of this for PaleoNet readers.

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