Paleonet: call for abstracts - GSA 2011 Applications of Bio- and Chemostratigraphy to Sequence Stratigraphy

Thu Mar 31 18:44:39 GMT 2011

We invite abstracts for the GSA Annual Meeting in Minneapolis session
entitled Applications of Bio-, Chemo, and Lithostratigraphy to Sequence
Stratigraphy, chaired by Alicia Kahn, Douglas McCarty, and Miriam Katz.
This session is sponsored by the Paleo Society and GSA Sedimentary
Geology Division.

All abstracts must be received by midnight Pacific Time, 26 July 2011. 

Link to submission form:


Please see session abstract below:


Applications of Bio-, Chemo-, and Lithostratigraphy to Sequence


In improving litho- and seismic stratigraphic correlations and insodoing
better characterizing paleoenvironmental processes/effects, integration
of multiple datasets is paramount.  A robust biostratigraphic framework
provides the age constraint fundamental to accurate correlation.
Lithologic interpretation via chemostratigraphy, quantitative mineralogy
and inorganic elemental optimization methods can provide the
reconstruction of geologic processes that govern the ecology and
environment.  Within a chronologic and paleoceanographic framework, we
can begin to identify maximum flooding surfaces and ultimately sequence
boundaries to contextualize outcrops or well data to global cyclicity
encompassing Milankovitch and global sea level cycles.  We invite papers
which utilize multiple tools and methodologies in characterizing rock
units, and on a wider level, tools for teaching such integrative






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