Paleonet: Topical Session: The Origins of Arthropod Diversity: Phylogenetic Insights from the Living and the Dead

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Greetings Colleagues;

   Myself and my colleague, Jo Wolfe are organizing a special
session at the Annual Geological Society of America meeting this fall (Nov.
4-7, Charlotte, NC) titled: The Origins of Arthropod Diversity: Insights from
the Living and the Dead. We would like to invite you to participate and submit
an abstract. Please see below for more information—feel free to email me with any
additional questions.





T145. The
Origins of Arthropod Diversity: Phylogenetic Insights from the Living and the

Topical Session Synopsis: Arthropod phylogeny has
long been fraught with problems and the origin of the major groups of
arthropods are still appallingly enigmatic. However, over the last ten years,
both paleontologists and neontologists have worked together to bridge the
historical divide between their disciplines and bring order to the arthropodan
chaos. This session seeks to highlight integrative approaches to unraveling
arthropod phylogeny—work that combines data from both the living and the dead.

You are invited to submit all
manner of abstracts related to arthropod evolution. The intention of the
session is to capture the diversity of approaches to studying arthropod
evolution, not that each talk by itself be integrative. See you in Charlotte!


Sponsoring society: Paleontological Society

Organizers: Thomas Hegna (TA-Hegna at; Jo Wolfe (Joanna.Wolfe at 

Meeting Website:


BELOW to submit an abstract to this session:



Geological Society of America
Annual Meeting

Charlotte, North Carolina

November 4-7, 2012


Other reasons to attend
GSA this year:

evolutionary/paleontological sessions scheduled, dealing with: ostracods, the
evolution of biomineralization, CT-scanning in paleontology, fossil
preservation across the Ediacaran-Cambrian boundary, and quantitative

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