Paleonet: Updated list of paleontological journals with the most recent impact factors

Ross Mounce rcpm20 at
Mon Jul 9 08:22:56 UTC 2012

On 09/07/12 08:04, Kenneth De Baets wrote:
> Hi Ross (and Paleonet)
> I am well aware of these problems with impact factor and have now
> stressed this on the page more explicitly by citing some of the references you
> sent me.

Thanks. Sorry I'm so irked by 'impact factors', but I just rarely hear 
people declare how poor a statistic they are when mentioning them. 
You've gone a long way to redress that imbalance on your website now :)

There are however probably a fair few people out there that still might 
not know about these problems, so hopefully with this discussion and the 
notes on your website we might further raise awareness of its 
inappropriateness and detrimental effect on the evaluation of science.

Many thanks,


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