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Mon Jul 16 11:20:18 UTC 2012

Dear Paleonet-ers,

We are organising Palaeo50, a horizon scanning workshop at the Oxford 
Long-term Ecology Laboratory on 13th-14th December, 2012, which aims to 
identify the 50 most important questions in palaeoecology and highlight 
key areas of a new research agenda. We are hoping for an international 
response, from palaeoecologists, ecologists and policy makers, who are 
interested in understanding the biotic responses to environmental change 
from annual to geological timescales, and the applications of this 
knowledge for ecosystem management.

Please forward this on to any colleagues that you think might be interested.

We are asking that members of the community submit the questions that 
they think palaeoecology needs to answer by 31st October 2012, by 
following the link at our website, Examples 
of the types of questions that we are looking for are provided on the 
submission page. These questions will be debated at the workshop, 
whittled down to a list of 50, and submitted as a co-authored manuscript 
for publication. All contributions will be acknowledged, but there is 
option to remain anonymous if you prefer to do so.

We are also looking for participants to attend the workshop. Delegates 
will be grouped into working groups organised around the 5 themes which 
are described in detail at our website. The price of the workshop will 
be £75, and the deadline for applicants is 14th September 2012. An 
application form can be downloaded at our website 
( We also 
have a small amount of funding available which can cover the 
registration cost for postgraduate students and early career researchers.

Please do get in touch (palaeo50 at 
<mailto:palaeo50 at>) if you have any further queries. We look 
forward to receiving your questions!

Best wishes,

Alistair Seddon*, Ambroise Baker* and Anson Mackay**
*Oxford Long-term Ecology Laboratory, University of Oxford.
**Environmental Change Research Centre, UCL

Follow us on Twitter: @Palaeo50 <>

Sponsored by PAGES, The Quaternary Research Association, the British 
Ecological Society, and the Biodiversity Institute, Oxford Martin School.

Ambroise Baker
ambroise.baker at

PhD (D.Phil) Candidate
Long-Term Ecology Laboratory
& Biodiversity Institute
Department of Zoology
University of Oxford

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