Paleonet: Animals, plants and clastic sedimentary processes

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Thu May 3 12:59:25 UTC 2012

Dear All,

Please consider submitting an abstract to the following session that  
Stephen Rices and I are organising at the 29th IAS Meeting of  
Sedimentology, to be held in Schladming/Austria, on 10th - 13th  
September 2012. Deadline for abstract submission is May 15th.

T1 S4 Animals, plants and clastic sedimentary processes in modern and  
ancient settings

The impact of animals and plants on sediment transport processes in  
modern and ancient fluvial, aeolian and marine environments remains  
understudied and largely unquantified. Contributions are invited that  
consider how animals and plants affect the production of mobile  
materials, particle entrainment, clast sorting, transport fluxes and  
sediment deposition or that investigate the evidence for plant and  
animal impacts in the sedimentary record. All scales of enquiry and  
methodological approaches are welcome including experimental work,  
field studies and numerical modelling.

Full details can be found at the website:
Second circular:

Stephen Rice (s.rice at and Neil Davies (Neil.Davies at )

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