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Dear all

The Paleontological Institute is delighted to announce the availability of six new issues of Treatise Online. These are from Parts E (hypercalcified sponges) and N (bivalves). They are available at the Paleontological Institute web site: Members of the Paleontological Society, Palaeontological Association, and SEPM can access them for free directly through their respective member web page.


Ros, Sonia, Miquel De Renzi, Susana E. Damborenea, & Ana Márquez-Aliaga. 2012. Part N, Revised, Volume 1, Chapter 25: Early Triassic–Early Jurassic bivalve diversity dynamics. Treatise Online 39:1–19, 17 fig., 2 tables.
Stearn, C. W., B. D. Webby, Heldur Nestor, & Carl W. Stock. 2012. Part E, Revised, Volume 4, Chapter 16A: Paleozoic Stromatoporoidea. Treatise Online 40:1.
Webby, B. D. 2012. Part E, Revised, Volume 4, Chapter 16B: Labechiida. Treatise Online 41:1–51, 29 fig.
Stock, Carl W. 2012.Part E, Revised, Volume 4, Chapter 16D: Actinostromatida. Treatise Online 42:1–12, 10 fig.
Fang Zong-jie, & Teresa M. Sánchez. 2012. Part N, Revised, Volume 1, Chapter 16: Origin and early evolution of the Bivalvia. Treatise Online 43:1–21, 5 fig.
Harper, Elizabeth M., & Patricia H. Kelley. 2012. Part N, Revised, Volume 1, Chapter 22: Predation of bivalves. Treatise Online 44:1–21, 7 fig.


Best wishes

Paul Selden
Director of the Paleontological Institute
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