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Fri May 18 09:51:47 UTC 2012

Dear Paleonetters,
the first 2012 issue of Alpine and Mediterranean Quaternary (AMQ), the 
renewed journal of the Italian Association for Quaternary Research 
(AIQUA), is now a reality.
AMQ is an open access on-line journal (hard copy version for AIQUA 
members only).
*FREE*pdf files of articles are available at the AIQUA website: <>
or directly at the journal's website:
During this exciting step of opening to the international scene, I would 
kindly ask you to contribute with your research or review paper to the 
success of AMQ.

Best regards
Andrea Sposato
AIQUA - Alpine and Mediterranean Quaternary (AMQ)
Editor in Chief

Fabrizio Lirer
Istituto Ambiente Marino Costiero (IAMC)-CNR
Calata Porta di Massa, interno Porto di Napoli
80133, Napoli
Tel:+39 81 5423851
Fax:+39 81 5423888
E-mail: fabrizio.lirer at
Secretary of the Regional Committee
on Mediterranean Neogene Stratigraphy (RCMNS)
Secretary of the Italian Commission on Stratigraphy (CIS)
Member of the Editorial Board of (AMQ) Alpine and Mediterranean Quaternary journal

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