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see below. Since Bob Sloan is long-retired, I do not know of anyone in 
Minnesota who is familiar with the invertebrates of the state. Any 
suggestions I can pass on?  I do have someone in Illinois. - Thanks - Roy

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Subject: 	SE MN Fossil
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I am exploring local rock outcroppings and quarries for fossils. I can't 
seem to find anyone in Minnesota who can help me identify some of the 
more esoteric ones.
I am in Fillmore County which is home to Forestville State Park, Mystery 
and Niagra Caves. I am encountering mostly the Gelena formation, 
Ordavicain era--struggle to spell this stuff much less pronounce it! :)
I'm getting pretty good with the gastropods, brachs, and sunflower sponges.
Some of the other stuff I'm encountering as got me stumped!
I'm just wanting to identify them.
It would be wonderful if you know of anyone around here who is "into it".
Thanks ahead of time!
Bev Sandlin

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