Paleonet: Last call for Biomechanics and Finite Element Analysis courses

Soledad Esteban soledad.esteban at
Fri Oct 12 12:13:47 UTC 2012

Dear Colleagues:

This is the last call for early registration with reduced fee (until October 31) for the following courses:

- “Introduction to biomechanics and finite elements analysis – Second edition”, January 14-18, 2013:

- “Finite Elements Analysis advanced: 2D and 3D case study”, January 21-25, 2013:

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a non-invasive modeling technique, which is very useful for biologists, paleontologists, doctors, veterinarians, and other biosciences specialties in which researchers face questions about biomechanics and structure behavior under different loads. Elements like bone, arthropod exoskeleton, mollusk shells, or the stems and leaves of plants can be analyzed using this technique. These workshops intend to foster in the attendants the ability to use the interdisciplinary approach of biomechanics, and will be focused in how to build and analyze 2D and 3D finite element models of skeletal elements. It will cover all the steps involved in FEA starting from a Medical Image Reconstruction of the model, to how to define the material properties of bone, the use of a consistent Mesh Generation Method and finally, how understand the results obtained in a computational

These courses will be held in the Sabadell facilities of the Institut Català de Paleontologia (Barcelona, Spain) and are co-organized by Transmitting Science and the Institut Catalá de Paleontologia M. Crusafont. Place are limited and will be covered by strict registration order. Attendance to both workshops has a discount.
Please feel free to distribute this information between your colleagues if you consider it appropriate.

With best regards

Soledad De Esteban Trivigno
Area de Paleobiología
Institut Català de Paleontologia
Edifici ICP, Campus de la UAB
08193 Cerdanyola del Vallès
Barcelona. Spain

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