Paleonet: Exhibition Foraminifera - witnesses of Earth History

Michael Hesemann michael at
Fri Sep 7 18:45:20 UTC 2012

Inauguration of the exhibition


in the Naturparkhaus Augsburg - westliche Wälder
21st September 2012

19.00 h:  Reception
19.15 h:  Introduction
afterwards joint exhibition tour
final relaxed get-together with local food sponsered by
cooperating partner Brewery Schimpfle Gessertshausen

Find more details at:

86459 Gessertshausen
Tel.: (0 82 38) 30 01-32

The exhibition (German version) will be shown from 21st of September 
till 2nd of December 2012

It is also available in English and may be shipped worldwide. The 
exhibition consists of hundreds of SEM- and optical images,
foram-plastics, rocks and tools of the micropaleontologist. 24 samples 
may be seen through installed binoculars.
An accompanying program with picking of specimens is offered. The 
exhibition is created by the team of the project with no commercial interest.

Michael Hesemann Project
Hamburg, Germany
michael at

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