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Dear All,

We are pleased to announce the schedule for our topical session “The Future of Quantitative Paleontology: Biometry, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning” at the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting 2012. This topical session (T146) will be held on Tuesday 6 November between 1:30pm and 5:30pm in Room 217A of the Charlotte Convention Centre.

Our session will together research from scientists developing and applying techniques in bioimaging, pattern recognition, computer vision and machine learning, to classification problems in paleontology. In particular, the session features invited presentations from Dr Thomas H.G. Ezard (University of Surrey, UK) on species delimitation in multivariate morphospace, Dr Katherine A. Holt (Massey University, New Zealand) on an automated system for Quaternary fossil pollen analysis, and Dr Dileepan Joseph (University of Alberta, Canada) on microfossil identification. The full speaker list can be found on the typical session website:

We look forward to meeting seeing you in Charlotte at what promises to be an exciting meeting!

Luke Mander, Norman MacLeod, Surangi Punyasena

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