Paleonet: In Memoriam of Leo Hickey

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Wow! Sorry to hear of Leo's passing! 
While we never met face to face, Leo was of enormous help to a young
undergrad in the 90's who had taken up interest in paleobotany by virtue of
a surreptitious discovery of fossil plants of the Potomac Grp.- which he and
Jim Doyle (and many others)  played significant parts! He was always willing
to talk to a stranger who happened to be calling long distance to talk of my
finds, ask for references and contacts,all of which he was happy to do. He
even went so far as to send reprints, yes actual reprints(!), or rather,
photocopies of his papers; and by snail mail no less thereby playing a key
role in getting me started in my now life long love of  and research of the
Potomac Group!
Rest In Peace Leo! Thanks!
Tom Lipka

 Thomas R. Lipka
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I would like to honor the passing of Leo Hickey, a renowned paleobotanist
and mentor. Leo created an enduring legacy; many of his students have become
excellent scientists and teachers, and his work is a pillar of modern
paleobotany. His teaching style inspired me and will live on through my own
teachings. I hope to be remembered as he is: a scientist dedicated to
knowledge and discovery; a true renaissance man. Thank you, Leo, for
everything you shared in the field, the classroom, and anywhere you happened
to be. <>

In memory,

Amelinda E Webb

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Yale University
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stops, because it isn't needed any more." -Terry Pratchett
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