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A new AAP Memoir on various aspects of the Silurian and Devonian has just been published. It is:

Holloway, D.J. & Laurie, J.R., 2013. Siluro-Devonian Studies 2. Memoirs of the Australasian Association of Palaeontologists 44, 207p.


Latest Early to early Middle Devonian acastid trilobites from the eastern part of the Dinant Synclinorium, Belgium (Rhenohercynian Zone) Allart P. van Viersen

Upper Homerian and Gorstian (Silurian) Retiolitidae (Graptolithina) from Lithuania and Latvia Anna Kozłowska & Sigitas Radzevičius

Conodont evidence for a latest Emsian to early Eifelian (Devonian) age for the phacopid trilobite Plagiolaria kitabi from Uzbekistan Gilbert Klapper, Catherine Crônier & Stana Vodrážková

Evolution, migration and biogeography of the plicathyridine brachiopods with a revision of Devonian faunas from the Kuznetsk Basin Tatyana L. Modzalevskaya, Fernando Alvarez & Maria A. Rzhonsnitskaya

The trilobite Cirriticeps gen. nov. (Proetida, Tropidocoryphidae) from the Silurian of New South Wales David J. Holloway

Sapelnikoviella santuccii, a new gypidulinid brachiopod genus and species from the upper Silurian of Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve, Southeast Alaska Robert B. Blodgett, Arthur J. Boucot, Valeryi V. Baranov & David M. Rohr

Morphological plasticity in the forgotten brachiopod Dicoelosia acutiloba (Ringueberg) from the lower Silurian Rochester Formation of New York Jisuo Jin & Pengfei Chen

Notes on the Early Devonian brachiopod Leptaena ouralensis de Verneuil, 1845 Anthony J. Wright

Coral-stromatoporoid faunas from the shores of a late Silurian island, Inner Mongolia, North China Rong Jiayu, Markes E Johnson, Deng Zhanqiu, Dong Deyuan, Xue Yaosong, B. Gudveig Baarli & Wang Guangxu

New palynological information from the subsurface Copo, Caburé and Rincón formations (upper Lochkovian-Emsian), Salta Province, Argentina Sol Noetinger & Mercedes di Pasquo

A mid Telychian (Llandovery) graptolite fauna from Mojiang, Yunnan Province, southwestern China Yuandong Zhang, Junxuan Fan, Yi Wang, Yanyan Song & Junfeng Cheng

First occurrence and biogeographical significance of the operculate tetracoral Goniophyllum from the Wenlock (Silurian) of Baillie-Hamilton Island, Canadian Arctic Anthony J. Wright

Late Devonian (Frasnian) trilobites and brachiopods from the Soh area, Central Iran Mansoureh Ghobadi Pour, Leonid Popov, Mehri Hosseini, Artabaz Adhamian & Mehdi Yazdi

The Silurian of central Kentucky, U.S.A.: Stratigraphy, palaeoenvironments and palaeoecology Frank R. Ettensohn, R. Thomas Lierman, Charles E. Mason, William M. Andrews, R. Todd Hendricks, Daniel J. Phelps & Lawrence A. Gordon

Morphology and taxonomy of the late Silurian rhynchonellide brachiopod Notoconchidium Anthony J. Wright & Michael J. Garratt

This volume is obtainable from:

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