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A new Cambro-Ordovician studies volume has been published

Laurie, J.R., Paterson, J.R. & Brock, G.A. 2014. Cambro-Ordovician Studies V. Memoirs of the Association of Australasian Palaeontologists 45, 419 p.


New Zealand Cambrian and Ordovician micromolluscs, by John Pojeta Jr, John E. Simes & Roger A. Cooper

Late Furongian trilobites from the Quebrada Oblicua, San Isidro area, Mendoza, Argentina, by M.Franco Tortello

Northern Australian microbial-metazoan reefs after the mid-Cambrian mass extinction, by Peter D. Kruse & Joachim R. Reitner

Furongian (late Cambrian) brachiopods and associated conodonts from the Takaka Terrane in the Springs Junction - Maruia area, South Island, New Zealand, by  Ian G. Percival, Yong Yi Zhen, John E. Simes & Roger A. Cooper

Exceptional trace fossil preservation and mixed layer development in Cambro-Ordovician siliciclastic strata, by Lidya G. Tarhan, Mary L. Droser & Nigel C. Hughes

The mid Cambrian (Guzhangian; Marjuman) trilobite genus Catillicephala Raymond 1938 (Catillicephalidae) from the Cow Head Group and correlatives in eastern Canada, by Stephen R. Westrop & Alyce A. Dengler

The missisquoiid trilobite Parakoldinioidia Endo 1937 in the uppermost Cambrian of Oklahoma and Texas, and its biostratigraphic significance, by Stephen R. Westrop & Jonathan M. Adrain

The early evolution of Middle-Late Ordovician rhynchonellide brachiopods in Laurentia, by Colin D. Sproat, Akbar Sohrabi & Jisuo Jin

Trilobite biostratigraphy of the Stairsian Stage (upper Tremadocian) of the Ibexian Series, Lower Ordovician, western United States, by Jonathan M. Adrain, Stephen R. Westrop, Talia S. Karim & Ed Landing

The Early Ordovician (late Tremadocian; Stairsian) dimeropygid trilobite Pseudohystricurus Ross, by Jonathan M. Adrain, Talia S. Karim & Stephen R. Westrop

New bradoriid arthropods from the Giles Creek Dolostone (Cambrian Series 3, Stage 5; Templetonian), Amadeus Basin, central Australia, by Patrick M. Smith, Glenn A. Brock, John R. Paterson & Timothy P. Topper

Brachiopods associated with stromatoporoid mounds from the Middle to Upper Ordovician Cashions Creek Limestone, Tasmania, by Kristian G. Jakobsen, Glenn A. Brock, Arne T. Nielsen, David K. Mathieson & David A. T. Harper

A Cambrian Series 3 (Guzhangian) trilobite fauna with Centropleura from Christmas Hills, northwestern Tasmania, by Christopher J. Bentley & James B. Jago

Middle Cambrian (Series 3) arthropods (Trilobita, Agnostida) from CRA Exploration Scarr 1 drillhole, central Georgina Basin, Northern Territory, by John R. Laurie

The Early Ordovician (Floian) bathyurid trilobite genera Jeffersonia, Cullisonia and Bathyurina, by Jonathan M. Adrain, Talia S. Karim & Stephen R. Westrop

Middle Cambrian brachiopods from the southern Georgina Basin of central Australia, by Ian G. Percival & Peter D. Kruse

The early middle Cambrian agnostid Pentagnostus praecurrens (Westergård 1936) from Sweden, by Thomas Weidner & Jan Ove Ebbestad

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