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We are pleased to announce and ask you to please consider participating in the 2014 GSA Topical session T199 Conodonts as Stratigraphic and Paleoclimatic Tools.

All researchers working on or using conodonts ranging from biostratigraphic studies to oxygen isotopes to elemental analyses are encouraged to participate. Please distribute to others you think may not be on this list.

NOTE: The abstract deadline for the meeting is July 29th, 2014.
To submit an abstract, please go to:
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at cmhender at<mailto:cmhender at>.

Charles Henderson (University of Calgary)
Michael Orchard (GSC, Vancouver)
This session will focus on the increasing use of conodonts as stratigraphic and paleoclimatic tools and welcomes contributions involving conodont biostratigraphy and isotope geochemistry of conodonts. This is a followup to a successful T233 session held last year at GSA entitled "Celebrating Advances in Conodont Studies-134 Years of North American Conodonts". Conodonts provide valuable biostratigraphic indices for correlation of the stratigraphic record, but they also provide a time capsule of isotopic information and have been used to determine paleotemperatures helping identify a runaway greenhouse in the Late Permian, for example, and Sr-isotopic values have been used for high-resolution correlation in the development of GSSP proposals. Other chemical zonings within the elements have pointed to their biologic affinity. We would like to make this session multidisciplinary.



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