Paleonet: GSA Vancouver, Topical Session on Golden Spikes

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Mon Jul 21 18:51:06 GMT 2014

Dear Paleonetters,

If you use fossils and/or time scales, my session co-chairs and I would
like to invite you to consider presenting at GSA in:

*T243.*  Road Testing the Placement of the GSSP Golden Spikes

The GSSP initiative to define type localities and date the various system,
series, and stage boundaries has renewed much interest in the Geologic Time
Scale, as well as illustrated the importance of outcrops and the value of
paleontology and geochronology to the geologic community. However, with the
operating model that GSSP boundaries cannot be placed at unconformities,
some of the classic boundaries have been moved in time and space from
positions that previously were readily definable on outcrop, well log, and
seismic data. This session is devoted to discussing the utility of GSSP
boundary placement from the end-user perspective of geoscientists doing
regional mapping and correlations, and utilizing outcrop and subsurface

The deadline for abstract submission for the 2014 annual GSA meeting in
Vancouver is July 29th, midnight PDT.

Convenors: Arthur D. Donovan, Lucy E. Edwards, Stanley C. Finney, Brian R.
Lucy E. Edwards
U.S. Geological Survey
926A National Center
Reston, VA 20192
(703) 648 5272
leedward at
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