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A quick reminder about the Paleontological Society sponsored technical
session T211: *​Paleoecology and Taphonomy of Late Paleozoic Lagerstätten *to
be held at the 2014 GSA Annual Meeting in Vancouver this October.

Abstracts should be submitted via the GSA website and are due July 29th,
2014 at 11:59 pm.

Following the end-Ordovician mass extinction, the mid- to late Paleozoic
marks a
​ ​
fundamental shift in biome construction, with the expansion of marine
systems and the advent of
​ ​
complex terrestrial ecosystems. Late Paleozoic Lagerstätten that record
this critical period are rare, and furthermore receive far less attention
than their early Paleozoic counterparts. However, late Paleozoic
Lagerstätten record a much wider range of paleoenvironments than these
older deposits, recording
​ ​
freshwater, mixed-marine, and terrestrial ecosystems in addition to open
marine, offering valuable insights into the evolution of these (ordinarily
more cryptic) ecosystems. In this session, we hope to investigate a number
of mid- to late Paleozoic Lagerstätten such as the famous Rhynie Chert,
Mazon Creek, Bear Gulch, Hunsruck Slate, and Joggins Fossil Cliff deposits,
for insight into the paleoecology of marine, mixed marine, freshwater, and
terrestrial ecosystems in the Late Paleozoic. An additional focus will be
placed on understanding the sedimentological and geochemical aspects of
taphonomic pathway
that lead to exceptional preservation in these deposits.

​Questions should be addressed to Emma Locatelli (emma.locatelli at​


Paleontological Society Council, Student Representative
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Department of Geology & Geophysics
Yale University
New Haven, CT
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