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Dear Friends:

On Monday 16 February 2015 at 13.00 GMT (5.00am PST, 18.30 IST) our geology "crowd sourcing" competition with a $500 prize goes live. The purpose is to find the best natural explanation for how curious ring structures formed on the ancient seabed of Wisconsin about 492 million years ago.  Please visit the following link on that day or subsequent days up to 5.00pm Wednesday March 11th for details of the structures and for instructions on how you can encourage those interested to enter:

There are a couple of explanatory videos embedded that aimed to present the rings to you in mildly amusing form (the persistent will be "rewarded" with a new banjolelle song especially composed for this event).

Those who wish to submit explanations will be able to do so using the facilites of the<> forum pages, to which there is a hotlink in the pages referred to above.

We are hoping that any professionals who wish to get involved will do so with school or amateur groups, in order to stimulate interest across a broad field. We are particularly keen that young people from various different parts of the world might be drawn to participate. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the best explanation came from a schoolgirl on the Bengal delta who has seen something similar forming there today, or from the imaginations of a class of lively kids in Kunming or Hanoi? We are excited to explore the potenital of crowdsourcing for solving geological puzzles and ask you to kindly spread the word to all who might be interested.

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