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Wed Feb 25 16:40:28 UTC 2015

Vertebrate Paleontology Collection Study Grant

This grant provides financial assistance for graduate students and
post-doctoral researchers to study fossils in the vertebrate paleontology
collection at the University of Washington Burke Museum (UWBM).  Special
consideration will be given to projects related to the fossil record of the
Pacific Northwest.  

Funding through this grant has the following stipulations:
. Typical awards range from $500 to $2000 . Awards cover travel, housing,
and subsistence while visiting the UWBM . Housing costs are limited to
$150/day . Projects of three days or longer are encouraged . This grant is
not available to researchers within daily commuting distance of the UWBM .
Funds will be dispersed upon arrival to the UWBM

The following items must be compiled into a single PDF and emailed to:
casidor at

. A two page (maximum) project description, including:
		Title of project
		Proposed start and end dates
		Project narrative (including all text, references, and

. A one page (maximum) budget proposal, including:
		Travel costs
		Housing costs
		Subsistence costs
		A short budget justification

Applications must be received by April 6, 2015 (5pm, PST).  Grantees will be
notified within two weeks.  Grant funds must be used within one year of
notification, or are otherwise forfeited.

UWBM Fossil Collections
A database detailing the UWBM vertebrate paleontology collections, including
images of representative fossils, can be accessed at:
Questions regarding the collection should be directed to casidor at

Other Requirements
. A 1-2 page report detailing grant-funded activities must be submitted
within six months of visiting the UWBM. 
. Grant recipients from the United States are required to complete a W-9 tax
form prior to funding. 
. Grant recipients from outside of the United States must submit original
receipts for all expenses related to their visit.

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