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Paul H. inselberg at
Sat Feb 28 03:31:21 UTC 2015

I apologize for posting my reply to Paleonet. I meant to
only respond to him directly. unfortunately, I mindlessly
 replied to to list and not directly to the person concerned. 
In the future, i will try to be more careful and not clutter 
up this list with my personal correspondence.

My Mistake and apologies,


Hi, I wrote,


You wrote,

"I am looking for an old paper by Hottinger on 1978
with the title" conditions for generating carbonate
platforms". So, I would like and hope that someone
might have a PDF file send to me."

The best that I can tell, the paper is;

Hottinger, L. (1989): Conditions for generating
carbonate platforms. Memorie Società Geologica
Italiana, vol. 40, pp. 265 – 271.

The Middleton library has vol 40 on its shelves.
I will be visiting the library Monday morning.
It would be easy for me to scan the pages that
you need into a PDF file.

Best wishes,

Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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