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Hi All,

Registration for the paleontology field course that I am teaching this summer is now open. We have about 10 spots left. Please encourage your students to contact me off list if interested.

The course is Paleontology Field Methods and Research (Univ Wash BIOL475A, for 3, 4, or 5 credits). It is held in the type area of the Hell Creek Formation in northeastern Montana, deposits made famous as the type location for T. rex and the epicenter of the KT debates in the 1980s (and ongoing!).

For a printable flyer and more information see

This is a five-week intro to paleontological field methods and research, in which students develop skills in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting field data and designing research projects by participating in ongoing paleontological research on the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction. Topics include excavation of fossils, identification and curation of fossils, collection/interpretation of stratigraphic and taphonomic data, and report writing.

If you are a high-energy, enthusiastic student ready for a summer of hard work and discovery, please contact the instructor! (gpwilson at

Course Details (June 20 – July 20, 2016):

·       Lecture/Lab Component: 2 wks (Jun 20-24, Jul 16-20) Intro lectures on principles in field paleontology, geology, and taphonomy as well as the scientific context of the research. Lab sessions to introduce the fossil vertebrates, curate collected fossil specimens, analyze data, and present final reports.
·       Fieldwork Component: 3 wks (Jun 25-Jul 15) at the Hell Creek State Park in NE Montana learning basic paleontology and geology field techniques, collecting fossils (verts, inverts, plants), gaining context of ongoing research, and engaging in group research projects.
·       Costs: Course fee of $120, Program fee of $650 cover transportation, meals, lodging, and equipment for fieldwork, and Tuition fees (see
·       More info: (website will be live soon)
·       Entry Code: contact instructor Greg Wilson (gpwilson at for an entry code.

Note that this is a University of Washington course BUT it is open to students from other institutions. In fact, for the past several years half of our students were from universities and colleges other than UW. And thus far, we've been able to help non-UW student find cheap (mostly free) accomodations for their time in Seattle.

Please distribute this email or flyer (download here to those students that may be interested. And contact me off list for questions, etc.


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