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Hi all,

I are attempting to find recent identifications (whether published or
not) of several Cambrian putative brachiopod species that were
previously described as pelecypods. Pojeta (2000) and Geyer and Streng
(1998), see also Elicki and Gürsu (2009), studied the following species
described by Delgado (1904) and Zhang (1980):

1. Modiolopsis bocagei Delgado 1904
2. Davidia dollfusi Delgado 1904
3. Hubeinella formosa Zhang 1980a
4. Xianfengoconcha minuta Zhang 1980
5. Xianfengoconcha elliptica Zhang 1980
6. Xianfengoconcha rotunda Zhang 1980
7. Praelamellodonta elegansa Zhang 1980

The Zhang species were considered stenothecoids in Pojeta and Runnegar
(1992), but Geyer and Streng (1998), and implied in Pojeta (2000),
considered them more likely as preservationally distorted brachiopods.

As far as I can tell, these names have remained unchanged (i.e., not
officially synonymized), and so their taxonomy remains unsettled. I've
also found no discussion of them by brachiopod workers.

I'm hoping someone can point me toward a proper identification.


Relevant references: (I can send you pdfs of the first three articles if
you wish them.)

Elicki, O., and S. Gürsu. 2009. First record of Pojetaia runnegari Jell,
1980 and Fordilla Barrande, 1881 from the Middle East (Taurus Mountains,
Turkey) and critical review of Cambrian bivalves. Paläontologische
Zeitschrift 83(2):267-291.

Geyer, G., and M. Streng. 1998. Middle Cambrian pelecypods from the
Anti-Atlas, Morocco. Revista Española de Paleontología No.
extraordinario, Homenajeal Prof. Gonzalo Vidal:83-86.

Pojeta, J. 2000. Cambrian Pelecypoda (Mollusca). American Malacological
Bulletin 15(2):157-166.

Delgado,J. F. N. 1904. Faune Cambrienne du Haut-Alemtejo (Portugal).
Communicacoes da Commissao do Servico Geologico de Portugal 5:307-374.

Zhang, R. 1980. On the earliest bivalve fauna-bivalves from Lower
Cambrian Tianheban Formation, Xianfeng, Hubei. Bulletin Chinese Academy
of Geological Sciences, Series 8, I: 1-19. [In Chinese]

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