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Just to add a historical note to this. It is 
correct that the choice is with the first 
reviser. However, the "page precedence" has 
actually – as a last criterion - been part of 
Recommendation 24A in the first three editions of 
the Zoological Code (1961, 1964, 1985), and 
became omitted only in the last edition (1999).


At 01:33 01.12.2017, you wrote:
>A century ago, some stodgy taxonomists applied 
>the "page and line priority" rule!
>Fortunately, the ICZN now focuses on stability 
>in determining the "precedence between 
>simultaneously published names" per Article 24:
>Recommendation 24A. Action of First Reviser. In 
>acting as First Reviser in the meaning of this 
>Article, an author should select the name, 
>spelling or nomenclatural act that will best 
>serve stability and universality of nomenclature.
> (link to ICZN)
>--Alan Kabat
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>Taxonomic question.  Two species are named in 
>the same paper. You decide to synonymize them. 
>Which name, if either, has priority? Thanks – Roy
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