Paleonet: Call for Abstracts: AbSciCon Session ‘Big Data in Astrobiology’

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Call for Abstracts: AbSciCon Session ‘Big Data in Astrobiology’

*DEADLINE: January 18th, 2017*

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Big Data in astrobiology

Conveners: Robert Hazen and Arsev Aydinoglu


Astrobiology and planetary geology are distinguished by an exponentially
growing volume of data, and the interdisciplinary nature of astrobiology
demands analyzing and integrating diverse types of data. Analysis of
combinations of diverse datasets across astrobiology holds great potential
for cutting-edge research; but at the same time, the scientific community
has not fully adapted practices for research data management (RDM)
regarding data preservation, sharing, access, discovery, reuse, and
synthesis.  We invite abstracts that describe astrobiological questions in
the context of planetary science answerable by Big Data analysis, such as:
the use of proteomics and mineral data to constrain electron receptors for
early life; or the interpretation and prediction of planetary composition,
mineralogy and petrology through advanced data analytics. We also invite
abstracts considering best practices in RDM as applied to astrobiology, on
topics such as metadata standards and interoperability in an
interdisciplinary environment; or the existing data repositories in various
disciplines, and their data discovery and reuse.

Submit your abstract today (deadline Jan 18th)!

We welcome presenters from a variety of specialties, as well as graduate
students who are currently pursuing research based on digitized data.

Additional meeting information can be found here:

Please feel free to email me (mmeyer at or Arsev
Aydinoglu (arsevu at if you have any questions.

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