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Dear Elisa,

Look into the polychaete genus, <i>Gunnarea</i>. Polychaete colonies like that you show occur in middle Miocene deposits of the East Pisco Basin, some blocks at Corre Viento with diameters of nearly one meter; upper Miocene and Pliocene in the same basin; small reefal complexes in the Plio-Pleistocene Taime Formation in the Talara Basin of northern Peru (see Devries, 1986, Ohio State dissertation; find it at in the library of PDFs), and on modern Peruvian beaches. Abraded blocks occur in Miocene transgressive lags of the PIsco Basin. The shape of the tubes may have taxonomic significance or simply reflect growth conditions. Tom DeVries

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    Hi, can anyone help me with these small tubes?

    Thank you in advance

Il 12/01/2017 17:21, Bruno Granier ha

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      I first thought of Renalcis Vologdin, 1932 ... now I am convinced
      it is Aphralysia Garwood, 1914






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