Paleonet: Migration of PaleoNet Listserver and Web Pages

Norman MacLeod n.macleod at
Mon Jan 16 11:53:22 GMT 2017

To follow-up on my e-mail of 5 January, the PaleoNet e-mail list and web pages will be migrating from the servers of The Natural History Museum to the servers of the Palaeontological Association owing to changes in the NHM’s policy on the hosting of non-NHM internet resources. I would like to thank the NHM for its support since 2006 and acknowledge the commitment  the Palaeontological Association has made to the ongoing PaleoNet project.

I have now had an opportunity to sit down with Christian Jackson (NHM) and Alan Spencer (PalAss) to agree a migration plan. The migration will take place next Tuesday, 24 January. A considerable amount of work has already been done by Christian and Alan. Accordingly, we don’t expect the migration per se to take very long. Nonetheless, we will want to undertake some testing of the listserver  for a period following the migration per se to make sure everything is working properly, and to fix any bugs we may find, before resuming normal operations.

It is our hope that this migration will not result in any unanticipated traffic on the PaleoNet list but, as we have already seen, this cannot be guaranteed. Our plan is to shut the PaleoNet list down the morning on 5 January (UK time), perform the migration and testing during that day and possibly during the next, and then resume list operations, either on 6 or 7 January. All subscribers will be notified when the list shuts down and all subscribers will be notified when the migrated list comes back online. Please ignore any PaleoNet e-mails that may (inadvertently) come your way during the interval between these two postings no matter what information  they may contain. You may rest assured that no subscriptions will be lost during the migration. In addition to the migration of the listserver files all archives of PaleoNet postings will also be migrated to the PalAss severs and will be available for unrestricted access following appropriate testing of the user interfaces involved. 

The PaleoNet web pages will be migrated to the PalAss servers prior to migration of the e-mail list so that continuity can be maintained and so that they may serve as source of information about the migration as it takes place. Information about the migration will be displayed at the top of the PaleoNet Home Page from Monday, 4 January and remain in place until after the migration has been completed. I will post updates on migration progress on the home page as they occur.  I will post another message to the list later this week with the new web-site url so that you can make whatever adjustment are necessary to your web bookmarks. For the duration of the migration the PaleoNet web pages will be maintained at both the NHM url ( and the new PalAss url. Following the reopening of the PaleoNet list, the all interior PaleoNet pages will be taken down and NHM PaleoNet Home Page replaced by a page that will redirect users to the new PalAss url for the PaleoNet Home Page. This redirect page will be maintained on the NHM web server for six months following migration.

I think that covers all the information we have about the migration at present. If anyone has any questions about the migration, or if any problems with individual subscripts occur following migration, please contact me at N.MacLeod at or N.MacLeod9 at

Let me close by saying "Thank You!" for your continued support of PaleoNet, especially over the upcoming migration interval. I think I speak for all subscribers when I say we are all looking forward to opening a new chapter in PaleoNet’s ongoing development in collaboration with our new sponsor.

With kind regards.

Norm MacLeod


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