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Dear Colleagues and Friends

We (myself, Alexei Verkhratsky and Oyvind Hammer) are planning to edit the book entitled "Environmental instabilities and morphogenesis", with Springer being our publisher of choice. We envisage a collection of papers summarising personal results and overview of literature with different chapters dedicated to simulation of abnormal morphological development under sub-lethal stress by playing with equations of Gierer-Meinhardt or Lipman's style. In addition we also plan to include chapters dedicated to the genetic (+epigenetic) origin of reverse evolution during major extinction periods.

We invite all with potential interest in this topic to suggest chapter titles and  we would be very pleased if you would agree to contribute a chapter of your choice within the general scope of this planned book.

At this stage, we are proposing that each chapter should be flashy and well illustrated, the use of colour whenever appropriate is very much encouraged. We envisage chapters being ready reviewing by Marsh 2018.

With best regards
Yours sincerely

Jean Guex

Prof Dr  Jean Guex
Geopolis - University
CH-1015 Lausanne
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