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Wed Dec 5 14:12:24 GMT 2018

To all, 

When rebooting TTP, I envisioned having at least two issues per year. Now is the time to find out if the rest of you want two issues per year. For my part, I am writing up the importance of keeping fossil localities open for the young (especially) and the old (that’s me!). I would like short (1-3 pages) contributions to: 

Trilobite Hall of Fame (for the big guns in trilobite work) 

Franco Rasetti Hall of Fame (for those who work with trilobites, but is not their training) 

Gunther Hall of Fame (for "amateurs" who make (made) significant contributions to trilobite work) 

There got to be someone out there that needs to be recognized for their work on Trilobites, and they don’t even need to be dead. 

In addition, I can include: 

Research Reports 


Field Notes (short reports on localities) 

Trilobite Literature Online 

Trilobites Online 

2018 Trilobite References 

Of course, I am open to other trilobitic items. 

The deadline for material is Feb. 1st, 2019 and the issue will come out soon after that. 

Any questions, contact me. 


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